Steering Committee

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The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds (PCW) is a local group of civic-minded community members representing county and city planners, natural resource managers, and development and conservation interests. Through monthly meetings the PCW has developed multiple projects using a collaborative process and insightful discussion, and involving diverse community stakeholders.
The PCW was recognized by the State of Oregon in 2013 with a Land Board Award for their collaborative work.

Participation by individual members changes depending on the project; currently about 20 members are involved in Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis project. Current members represent 1) Natural resource managers: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Coquille Indian Tribe, US Fish and Wildlife Service, South Slough NERR, Coos Watershed Association, and the Institute for Applied Ecology; 2) Business interests: South Coast Development Center, Stunzner Engineering, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, Oregon International Port of Coos Bay; 3) Land use planners: Coos County Planning Department, City of Coos Bay Planning Department, City Of North Bend Planning Department, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development 4) Research and Education: University of Oregon, and Southwestern Oregon Community College.

o Guide decisions about what the Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis is, who is involved and what their roles are.

o Provide input on Land Use Analysis including geographic scope, local knowledge and verification of analysis, and guidance on data that should be included.

o Provide guidance during focus group workshop development phase.

o Work collaboratively to integrate workshop outputs into feasible recommendations.

o Provide input on final project products including the land use analysis, integrated assessment report, and lessons-learned guide.

o Guide decisions about, and participate in project outreach activities.

Current Project: Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis