Monitoring Tools Subcommittee

Sea anemone image courtesy of University of Oregon.

Sea anemone image courtesy of University of Oregon.

Next Meeting date/time: As Needed

Roles and Responsibilities

The monitoring tools subcommittee is an informal, ad hoc subcommittee made up of technical advisors who have been providing guidance as needed for the development of the PCW-supported monitoring tools.

Roles include:

• Guide the expansion of the Coos estuary water quality network in partnership with the South Slough Reserve, the Coquille Indian Tribe, and Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians.

• Provide technical input to the South Slough Reserve staff’s deployment of data loggers in the Coos estuary, which are helping to validate the hydrodynamic model being developed by University of Oregon scientists.

• Provide technical input, when appropriate, to help evaluate, select, prioritize, and maintain a set indicators that will help scientists and the community identify important changes in environmental or socio-economic conditions here.