Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis Project

The Partnership for Coastal Watershed (PCW), in collaboration with Coos County and South Slough Reserve, recently received $246,000 from the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s (NERRS) Science Collaborative Program to assist the County’s Planning Department to update environmental and community data related to the Coos Bay Estuary Management Plan (CBEMP). Some parts of the CBEMP have not been updated for 40 years.
The Coos Estuary Land Use Analysis Project (Project) will provide the County with up to date information to improve the CBEMP’s permitting and resource protection processes; data that will also be critical to the County’s future revision of the CBEMP.

The Project creates no financial burden to Coos County; and will accomplish these objectives:

1. Assist the County’s Planning Department to collect and analyze up-to-date information to include current land ownerships, designated land uses, and regulatory policies that are not clearly articulated in the current CBEMP; formatted for improved clarity and accessibility by CBEMP users.

2. Assemble and articulate land use recommendations as proposed by the Cities of North Bend and Coos Bay, and the Port of Coos Bay (and other local agencies) that address two perspectives: 1) needs associated with economic development; and 2) needs for natural resource conservation and restoration.

3. Develop a series of scenarios that integrate current development and conservation criteria, and other potential land use or development opportunities to provide the County Planning Department a basis for public involvement during the anticipated CBEMP revision process.

Project area boundary, which includes CBEMP boundary and highest tsunami inundation flood zone.

The Project (and the PCW) will not:
  • Create a financial burden for any local agency budgets; except for minimal staff time
  • Make land use decisions, advocate for or against any particular project, or use data not acceptable to participating agencies or organizations
  • Exclusively represent or respond to the legal or political interests of any single local government or agency (e.g., County, Cities, Port, Tribes)

“The PCW is a diverse group of community members and citizen scientists”