Coordination Subcommittee

Next Meeting date/time: April 3, 2014 from 10am – noon

Roles and Responsibilities

Undertake strategic planning tasks that suggest the overall direction for the PCW
– Work to understand community needs and potential opportunities for PCW to serve the community (possibly through needs assessments).
– Lead “big picture” strategic planning to understand where the PCW is headed
– Explore strategic alliances with local civic groups and organizations

Serve PCW subcommittees
– Provide outreach services as needed
– Help disseminate PCW products
– Help identify partnerships and opportunities

Coordinate PCW outreach
– Develop PCW identity and branding in the community
– Communicate with local media about specific projects
– Disseminate PCW Phase 1 products, as needed
– Articulate and clarify what the PCW and subcommittees are doing and why
– Oversee PCW website development
– Help develop, facilitate, and sponsor with partners topic-focused community events such as speaker series, trainings, workshops etc.

Coordinate Full Partnership Steering Committee meetings

Past Meeting Notes

February 13, 2014
August 6, 2013