The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds Action Plan is a document developed by the Partnership Steering Committee that identifies and prioritizes a set of “actions” that, when implemented, will help the community obtain its vision for the future.

The Action Plan Implementation Subcommittee is in the process of developing a strategy to begin implementing the highest priority actions identified in the Action Plan. The subcommittee started by updating a table that will help subcommittee members understand progress being made to accomplish priority actions. The group will then determine the steps needed (including identifying key partnerships) for developing projects that will address the priority actions.

An example of an Implementation subcommittee project might be the installation of signs to inform boat users about aquatic invasive species (both plants and animals) that can be transported from one body of water to another on boat hulls, engines, paddles, boots…etc.

This project would relate to several priority actions including:

• Provide training in identifying, reporting, and Early Detection Rapid Response for monitoring and treating invasive species.
• Inform and engage the community about human impacts on the watershed, with emphasis on the estuary, strategies to reduce those impacts, and watershed restoration strategies.
• Identify ways to make the waterfront more appealing to new businesses, investors and visitors.
• Participate in strategic planning and development for the Charleston shipyard, marina, and waterfront for the project area.

Potential partners for this project would be the Port of Coos Bay, who is planning to add trailered-boat wash-down stations as part of their Charleston Harbor Master Plan and the Coos Watershed Association who could build the signposts.

Another project the subcommittee might focus on would be to help incorporate more cultural history into school enrichment programs curricula by supplementing the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum programs or working with the Coos Watershed Association’s youth program to add more cultural history curricula.

PCW Near-Term Actions Progress Table
Outreach and Education

PCW Near-Term Actions Progress Table
Assessment and Monitoring

PCW Near-Term Actions Progress Table